The First Toastmasters Club of Qatar
Awardees at DTAC -District Level

Doha Club has won a gamut of awards at the Division and District Level under the able leadership of TM Yoosaf Vanarath and due to the dedication & hard work of Excom 2015-16. Doha Club is one of the top ten clubs in the whole of the Middle East. TM Yoosaf Vanarath was awarded OUTSTANDING TOASTMAS-TER at DTAC, Abu Dhabi.

Awards won by Doha Club at DTAC Abu Dhabi

Program Quality Director’s Excellence Awards

  • Club DCP Achievers Award
  • Perfect Ten Club Achievers Award
  • Club Super 7 COT Award
  • Triple Crown (TM Rangamani Ravi)

Club Growth Directors Awards

  • Top 10 Club Award. (For Membership)
  • Special Award for adding new members

PR Awards

  • Captivating Communique Award for the club newsletter
  • Platinum Web Byte Award for the club website.

Awards won by Doha Club at Toastmasters Annual Confer-ence Division E, Doha

Outstanding Club

  • Largest Membership Award
  • Best Website Award