The First Toastmasters Club of Qatar

Dear Members,

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a Habit” -Aristotle

We the members of Doha Toastmasters Club the first club of Qatar always have the habit of striving for excellence. And that is the reason our club is the leading club in Qatar. 

It is with great sense of responsibility; I have accepted the prestigious post of President of Doha Toastmasters Club. It is an honour and privilege to serve the first and finest club in Qatar. From the bottom of my heart, I thank to all the members of Doha Toastmasters Club who have shown faith and confidence in me to serve as the President.

First, I would like to congratulate the members of Doha Toastmasters Club who are elected in various leadership positions. District-116 Director Manzoor Moideen DTM, Division A Director Jayakumar Menon DTM, Area 1 Director Zaher Saleh, Area 3 Director Namrata Tawde, Congratulations to you all. I assure that Club will be always with you in your leadership journey.

My journey in Doha Toastmasters club started in 2018 from 475th Club meeting as a guest. Since then, I am attending the club meetings regularly and never missed any club meeting. Each meeting was a learning experience for me. I learnt so many skills by observing the co-members & leaders in the club.

I started my leadership journey as a Sergeant at Arms of the club then VP Education in the past year. Simultaneously I was active in Area and Division Councils. Concurrently working on various positions gave me an exposure to improve my leadership skills. In my Toastmasters Journey. I made many good friends who are always there to support me.

Since chartering, Doha Toastmasters club is the President’s Distinguished Club. So let me assure you that in the year 2021-22 our club will retain its Presidents Distinguished status.  My able and enthusiastic Ex-Com team will work hard to achieve all the club goals.

 I am glad to announce that slogan for Ex-Com 2021-22 will be- “Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate.” As a President, I would like to mention our club plan.

  1. Since beginning of the year, we are setting a goal for each member to complete minimum one pathway level. I encourage all the members to actively participate and complete the pathway levels at the earliest. To achieve this goal if required we will arrange more club meetings.
  2. Monthly meeting calendar will be prepared for the year 2021-2022, which will help the members to plan their speeches well in advance & complete their educational goals.
  3. For the benefits of the members, club will frequently arrange the Education Modules on Successful Club, Leadership Excellence and Better Speaker series as prescribed by Toastmasters International. These modules will be organised in view of Communication and leadership development of the members.
  4. Since our club has always been a multinational club, we will invite & encourage the multinational community to attend & join the club.
  5. For the benefits of the members, we will have Pathways Guidance team who will guide the members to complete their speech projects.
  6. We all are eagerly waiting to start our In-Person meetings. As the situation is improving in Qatar, we expect that the Government will allow social Gathering soon. We will start the In-Person meetings at the earliest as per the Government guidelines following all protocols.
  7. On January 1, 2022 Doha Toastmasters Club will complete 25years of Chartering. We are planning to have a grand celebration on completion of 25years of excellence of Doha Toastmasters Club, the First Club of Qatar. To celebrate our Silver Jubilee a separate team will be formed who will work for the organisation & celebration of 25th I request each member to actively participate in the organisation of this event. Together we will make this as a memorable event.  
  8. For the benefits of the members, I encourage all for 100% attendance in all the meetings of Doha Toastmasters Club. In the upcoming year we are planning to give more prizes to the members for their active contribution.

Fellow Toastmasters let me assure you that upcoming year will encourage you to refine your communication skills. With our collaborative approach, we will move forward to celebrate the 25th Year of Doha Toastmasters Club.

Communicate, Collaborate & Celebrate

Atul Jayant Hardas

President, 2021-22
Doha Toastmasters Club