The First Toastmasters Club of Qatar


It is indeed an honor and a rare privilege to lead and serve the pioneering toastmasters club in Qatar, our
very own Doha Toastmasters Club. I thank every member of Doha Toastmasters club who have reposed
their faith and confidence in in me and elected me to serve you as President.
I first came to Doha Toastmasters in January of 2016. After winning the mandatory Best Table Topics
Speaker, I came again the following Saturday, and then again, and then again. With every meeting I attended
I felt a strong connection, a strong bond with the club. I became inseparable from the club. I took up many
speaking roles. I served in the executive committee as Vice President Public Relations and then as Vice
President Education. All with a single thought in mind, to do my best possible for the club, to do my best
possible for every member of the club.
Doha Toastmasters is now in its 22nd year. There are only a handful of clubs which enjoy this rare distinction.
The club enjoys a rich legacy seeded by the pioneers and nurtured and built upon by many strong leaders
and doers. As 22nd President of the club a quote by the Sir Issac Newton comes to mind “If I can see further,
it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants’. We see more, not because our sight is superior, or we are taller.
We see more because our predecessors elevate us, their stature adds to ours. I remain indebted to every
single member who has nurtured this club and taken it from strength to strength.
Doha Club has always enjoyed the reputation of the “Best Club”, our meetings are known for its quality, we
enjoy a large base of active members, we always win many awards, the awards from Toastmasters
International, the District and the Division. Being the first club, it has nurtured and groomed many leaders for
the next level. Past Region 11 Advisor, Sonny Varghese, DTM is a founder member of the club. The current
District 116P Director, Rajeswar Sundaresan, DTM continues to be our guiding light and member for the
many years. We have amongst our members two District Champions.
And so, I was wondering, how does one “Better the Best”? And that is when the words of Ralph Smedley
came to mind “Toastmasters is the only organization which is dedicated to the individual”. The individual
member and his /her goals is the most important element of the club. To Better the Best we must go back
to the Basics, focus intensely on communication and leadership skills.
To do this the Club Plan for 2018-19 is outlined:
1. The club will conduct more meetings. From a schedule of 2 meetings a month, we will conduct at
least one more meeting every two months. So, we can have 30 meetings a year. There will be more
speaking slots, more roleplays, more learning.

2. The club will constitute a Panel of Toastmasters as Mentors – This will be in addition to the individual
mentor for every member. This panel will include senior and new toastmasters and will help all the
members who seek many different inputs. Pathways has a separate coaching program for Mentorship.
This panel will also encourage members to take up this special program to create more mentors.

3. The Club will constitute a Panel for developing Language Skills. I have noticed many good
speakers are not able to do their best due to language limitations. This panel of language experts will
help every such toastmaster.

4. The club will constitute a Pathways Assistance Team to provide support and help for easy transition
to Pathways, the new educational program.

5. The club will frequently conduct Education modules on the basics of speech crafting and speech
delivery. Crafting speeches for the spoken word and delivery of speeches for lasting connect. Also,
more modules on effective speech evaluations.
Fellow Toastmasters let me assure you a year of deeper learning and exponential development awaits you.

# “Together Lets Better Best#


Niloufer Samal, ACB, ALB
President, 2018-19
Doha Toastmasters Club
Email: [email protected]



Our Mission is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

  • Support Members Goals
  • Open two-way communication channel
  • Implementation of Easy Speak software
  • Strengthen Mentoring
  • Promote Multicultural Diversity
  • Rise up for continuous Improvement

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